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We want to help taking Cold Fusion out of the laboratories and introduce it to the world - and you can be a part of that!

Cold Fusion Sales was set up to take advantage of opportunities opening up due to recent developments within Nano Technology, Material Engineering and Green Energy Research. We work with Cold Fusion Laboratories for many years and saw that interesting opportunities went lost because there was no good established channels to communicate the bits of information. The scientists in this field where too busy with their research to recognize valuable services and solutions which they should capitalize on.

We connect buyers with sellers and provide fun and unique marketing solutions you simply won't find anywhere else.  

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Services we provide

Information, Communication, Technology



Consult with us on Cold Fusion Technology Development to find out who does what, where and how, including patents, possibilities, speaker engagements, interviews and more.



We can help you increase your outreach via branding, social media marketing, webpages, business development, value propositions and commercials.

The Hydrogen in one liter of water can power one family for 200 years without pollution

Dennis Cravens

Meet Team

We are a young team passionate about clean energy and sustainability



Business Developer

Sam sometimes wish that he was a machine so he would never need to eat nor sleep and could spend 24 hours a day doing what he likes the best - promoting green energy solutions.



Science Relations

Ruby holds a BA in Physics, an MA in Math and is the Editor of Cold Fusion Now. She conducts seminars on the cold fusion landscape and connects investors with scientists in the field.



Communication Specialist

Dariusz' expertise is visual communication and sales. He can help you to better your outreach and maximise the efficiency in organising and marketing your vision in a cost effective way.


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